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  • If there’s one good thing about Kevin traveling to NYC… It’s the fact that he comes home bearing gifts. And, that gift is usually from Erica Weiner. I’ve been a fan since Kevin & I were just dating… I saw a handcuff necklace in a magazine, and somehow it was so ‘me’ that both my […]

  • And, as promised, they did… Last weekend we decided to head out and attempt to kill two birds with one stone. Kevin had been in desperate need of a haircut & Max was looking a little shaggy. We had been unhappy with the kids places we’d found to cut Max’s hair, so we decided to […]

  • When life doesn’t give you lemons, just use limes… So, who knew lemons were so hard to find in Mexico? Since I was on cocktail duty on our vacation, I fully planned on making this elderflower cocktail for the family in Mexico. Not only were lemons hard to find, but so was the St Germain. […]

  • Man, do I love America… Sometimes it takes leaving the country to have a full appreciation for what you have at home. That being said, we had the most amazing time with my mom & new family. We stayed in an incredible villa with an ocean view that (literally) brought me to tears. My mom’s […]

  • So, I kinda have this thing for blogging… And, it all really started with Hello, Splendor. I started that little blog as a personal outlet and it kind of blew up in the best way possible. Then, last year when I decided to take the plunge in my business, Pulp Design Studios, I gave the […]

  • It’s JULY 2012… This year is just flying by! As of this month, we will have officially lived in Seattle for six months. Part of me feels like we just got here and other part of me feels like we’ve always lived here. Oh, back to July… I’ve listed a few things for July that […]

  • We’re headed to Mexico… My mom is getting married & I’m so excited to see her and her new husband to celebrate! I’ve actually never vacationed in Mexico, so I’m excited to relax ocean-side with my shades on and a margarita in hand. (By the way, those shades are a pair of men’s aviator sunglasses […]

  • And, I don’t take these things lightly… For Father’s Day breakfast, I made a great baked egg recipe that I’ve been making for years (will share that one at a later date!) and decided to make some sides out of the fixings I had for a picnic sandwich later that day. I baked some italian […]

  • Ever sit next to a kid on an airplane? Yeah, I know it’s a hot button issue. Well, let me tell you that being on an airplane with a toddler is worst for the parents than it is for the poor souls sitting near the toddler. There’s truly is nothing fun about flying with a […]

  • Dads are an awesome thing to celebrate, aren’t they?! This year I had the pleasure of celebrating Father’s Day with two great Dad’s. Not my own, sadly! But, my husband’s (and my) great friend, who we fondly call Wildcat, just moved to Seattle from Dallas and is staying with us. He had to make the […]

  • What if I told you that you could bring home a taste of the shore… Well, you totally can. Quite possibly the best part of being down the shore is all of the delectable goodies on the boardwalk. The chocolate covered bananas, the funnel cake, the pizza, the boardwalk fries. Seriously, it never ends. Each […]

  • I love a good cover… Especially, when it means Maxton can enjoy good music, too. Our friend tweeted me a link to this video for Max to watch. He was totally mesmerized while we watched this cover of Coldplay’s Yellow together. But, more than that… I loved it! I just couldn’t help but sing along (and well […]